An artichoke is an oval shaped vegetable with a tough exterior made of thorn like leaves & an attached stalk. It varies from green to purple in color with many variants like Globe artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke & Violetta artichoke.

How To Select
If the leaves are clinging together tightly, the artichoke is good. If the leaves are open, the artichoke will lack taste. Any leaves sticking out or unfolding are a sign that the artichoke is past its prime.

How To Store
Artichokes should be stored in the vegetable drawer of the fridge. Avoid putting into a plastic bag because this will increase the moisture content and can cause them to rot quickly.

Matches Well With
fennel, tomato, chicken, mushroom, parmesan, vegetables, risotto, turkey, spinach, pizza, lasagna, cream, peppers, oregano, salt, pasta, tuna, burgers