Some call it nature’s butter, we’re still very much into avocado toast in every which way! Even a velvety savory avocado mousse with some lime, salt and cayenne pepper is a great condiment swap for mayonnaise, lending your sandwich the lift and moisture it deserves. It makes a fantastic dipping sauce for empanadas and is the perfect topping for elevated hors d’oeuvres. Avocado mousse can also be dolloped onto salads, eggs, cold pasta dishes, and even poke bowls.

Grill ’em, smash ’em or simply pickle ’em in brine for an hour or two! You can encrust them in crumbs and fry or simply bite into its creamy chunks. Slice it or bake an egg cup in it. Every avocado is a journey, a culinary story waiting to be told…

Avocado recipes for you to try 

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