Foodhall Specials – Indian Mithai Collection

Team Foodhall

Indian festivities are about lights, colour, joy and gifts. But the festive season is almost always incomplete without sweets.  Sweets begin conversations and also make for an exquisite and elegant gifting option. With just this idea in mind, we at Foodhall bring to you our special curation of Indian sweets with Foodhall Specials Indian Mithai Collection.

We hand-picked the purest and finest ingredients, chose an experienced halwai, considered traditions and culture and added a little contemporary twist to create a collection with a little something for your family and friends.

Introducing a sought after collection of Indian mithai, here is our bespoke range of sweets perfected for this festive season.

Classic Mithaismotichoor-ladoo

Pista Kaju Roll
Delicate pistachios rolled with the finest of cashews to create bite sized rolls that are great for presenting on a platter.

Besan Chakki
Traditional mithai made with gram flour, held together with ghee and nuts with a fudge like consistency which is then cut into squares.

Motichoor Laddoo
The ultimate festive sweets that need no introduction.

Badam Barfi
Traditional sweet for your platter, this one is made with best quality almonds and cut into squares, garnished with finely chopped nuts.

Kesar Kaju Katli
An utmost favourite, cashew barfi’s flavoured with dainty saffron for a touch of grandeur.

Caramel Shortbread

pista-cranberry-shortbreadCaramelized Almond Shortbread
Layered with the richness of shortbread base topped with caramelized almonds.

Pistachio & Cranberry Shortbread
Meticulously prepared with a mix of fine quality pistachios and cranberry. Laden carefully on a creamy rich shortbread base.

Mithai Truffles

Diwali Mithai Pista & Motichoor Truffle
Pista lauj made with khoya, flavoured with pistachios to coat rich motichoor centre.

Badam Barfi & Chocolate Truffle
Bite-sized barfi surprise with a delicious chocolate centre

Kaju&Anjeer Truffle
A match made in heaven, dried figs are hand moulded to create small parcels with a coating of cashew barfi.

Mithai Cakes

besan-ladoo-cheesecakeMotichoor & Rabdi Tart
A tart that will make your guests wanting for more, this one comes with a layer of doda barfi, motichoor and rabdi in every bite.

Kalakand Cake
Kalakand base layered with pista barfi and assorted nuts.

Pista Kalakand Opera
Three layers of deliciousness, the opera has a pista barfi base followed by a kalakand base and finally finished with a decadent motichoor layer completed with a final flourish of chopped nuts.

Besan Ladoo Cheesecake
A slice of tradition and modernity combined in each bite, this has a besan ladoo base with a layer of rabdi completed with cream cheese, assorted nuts and garnished with saffron strands.

Made fresh to order, our mithais are made with pure desi ghee. Stop by the nearest Foodhall store to place an order or view our catalogue 

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