Garden Fresh Salad
Croutons crumbs that taste and look this good, should be tried out instantly in the kitchen.
Cook Time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Medium
Serves: 2 people


7-8 slices of fresh mozzarella / bocconcini (halved)
Few slices of fresh tomatoes
Handful of cherry tomatoes

For pesto dressing
½ cup olive oil
Handful of basil leaves
1 tbsp pine nuts (substitute with pumpkin seeds or pistachios)
1 tsp parmesan cheese
Juice and zest of one lemon

For croutons
Thick cut slices from baguette
1 tbsp olive oil
Garlic powder / grated garlic
Chilli flakes


To make pesto

  1. Blend all the ingredients together – olive oil, basil, nuts, parmesan, juice & zest of a lemon and salt until smooth.

To make pesto

  1. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees C. Lay out the bread slices on a foil lined baking tray. Drizzle olive oil over it; season with salt, garlic powder and chilli flakes. Toss it all together. Wrap the foil around bread and bake until crispy. Break into finer crumbs

To assemble

  1. Arrange tomatoes and cheese slices alternatively on the greens. Drizzle with pesto dressing. Finally, scatter the crouton crumbs over it before serving.