A Haven for Keto-ers

Team Foodhall

Foodhall treats and staples to make sticking to your keto diet a breeze.

 Riding the keto wave? Foodhall’s keto-friendly snacks, staples and meals will help you stay on the straight and narrow.

From the bakery

Feed your bread cravings without the carbs courtesy our keto bread. With its light and airy texture (owing to egg whites), its perfect for your next sandwich or to make healthy croutons to add crunch to salads.

Our Keto Coconut Cookies and Keto Onion and Rosemary crackers are great for snacking on between meals; while our absolutely delectable Keto Chocolate Almond Cake (made of almond) is an incredibly fudgy and irresistible teatime treat.


When you’re out and about and wondering what to nosh on for lunch, Try the filling and delicious Keto Cauliflower bowl from our café or the Keto pizza and Keto Stracciatella & Funghi from Sorrentina, our all-day Italian restaurant at Foodhall @ Linking Road.


If you’re entertaining or just taking a break from the kitchen, you can also take home our Keto Cauliflower Rice, Keto Baba Ganoush or order our Keto Party Platter from Party Chef, replete with Smoked Paprika Salsa, four dips grain-free crackers and loads of zing.


To stock up on all your Keto essentials, visit a Foodhall store near you, or get them delivered to your doorstep by calling + 91 80950-31111



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