Arugula Lettuce

Spicy, nutty and peppery, the arugula adds zest and freshness to a variety of dishes, from pizza to rack of lamb to even a side salad. Combine arugula leaves with sweet apples, walnuts and feta cheese for a salad with robust flavours.

Young arugula is smaller and tender in texture, as they mature they grow in size and get tougher in texture.
Arugula belongs to the mustard family and has a peppery-nutty flavour that is not as bitter as mustard greens.
Fresh arugula are the bright green in colour. Pick the ones with no discolouration.
To store Arugula rightly, wrap the leaves in a dry paper towel and keep them sealed in an airtight bag. Kept dry and cool arugula can last up to two weeks.

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