About Us

It’s our privilege to live in a world obsessed with and unified by food. Establishing Foodhall in Mumbai was our attempt at being part of the food dialogue that has become integral to contemporary culture. We were passionate about food and believed that everyone deserved access to good produce and quality ingredients. It was a simple premise that gave birth to Foodhall, but just as food has evolved from being a necessity to a global phenomenon, so has our commitment to food.

What started as a single, ingredients-driven store is now 11 store chain with branches in Bangalore and Delhi. Foodhall@Linking Road is not merely a food store, but an immersive emporium of epicurean experiences and a dream coming true. It is spread across four floors and 25,000 square feet.

Come lose yourself in our world of food and fall in love again.




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Contact us on: +91 22 2606 5350


Monday to Sunday, 8.30am - 10pm

Foodhall@LinkingRoad, Plot No.106, Linking Rd,
Santacruz West,
Maharashtra 400054,

+91 22 2606 5350