Aptly called “The King of Fruits”, Mangoes range over 500 varieties and are cultivated in most frost-free tropical and warmer subtropical climates. Almost half of world’s mangoes are cultivated in India alone, with the second-largest source being China. The aroma of mangoes is very intense due to the presence of myrcene, a kind of terpenoid, a natural chemical in plants responsible for flavor and aroma. The popular varieties include Alphonso, Badami, Chausa, Dasheri, Kesar, Langda and Neelam.

How To Select
Selecting the ripeness of mangoes can be determined by either smelling or squeezing. Mangoes can be considered ready to eat when slightly soft to the touch and yielding to gentle pressure, like a ripe peach. The best flavored fruit have a yellow tinge when ripe,however, the colour may be red, yellow, green, orange or any combination.

How To Store
If we store a mango correctly, it will have a shelf life of 1 to 2 weeks. The best way to ripen a mango is at room temperature, on the kitchen counter. Once ripe, the mango can be refrigerated for a few days, but should be used within 2-3 days.


Mango Chia Bloomer

2 (30 g) tbsp chia
160 ml almond milk
2 tbsp yoghurt
1 tbsp agave
handful blueberries
1 tsp corn flour
2 tbsp water
1 tsp agave
Pulp of ripe mangoes (2 small or 1 large)
1 tbsp yoghurt
Pinch of cardamom
10-15 pistachios, chopped METHOD:
1. Start by placing the chia seeds in a bowl and mix in the almond milk. Add the yoghurt and agave and stir the mixture quickly with a fork or a spoon and leave on one side while the chia seeds expand. If the chia is too thick add more almond milk.
2. You can now prepare the blueberry compote by mashing the berries with a fork, then place the berries and juice into a pan and add the cornflour and water. Bring the mix to boil while stirring and add the agave.
3. If you find the blueberries are too sharp or sour add more agave to sweeten the compote.
4. Next peel off the skin of the mango and extract the pulp. This can be achieved by placing chopped pieces of the mango with yoghurt into a blender or food processor.
5. Stir a pinch of cardamom into the mixture. You need very little. If the mango isn’t ripe or sweet enough add some more agave.
6. Lastly, roughly chop the pistachios and begin to layer the ingredients together in a glass.
7. Add the chia seed mixture first, which by now should have a jelly like texture, then add the blueberry compote and sprinkled about half of the chopped pistachios. Layer the mango pulp above the layer of the pistachios and finish off with a garnishing of the remaining pistachios.”