Native to South Asia and China, peaches belong to the same family as plums and cherries. Peaches have a velvety-fuzz covered skin and have a sweet to sour taste. Peaches are high in potassium, which helps the body perform vital functions and help maintaining healthy metabolic function. Peaches contain phosphorous, which along with other minerals helps strengthen bones and teeth.

fleshy, juicy exterior, making up the edible part of the fruit, and a hard interior, called the stone or pit
Sweet with a hint of tartness
Most peaches will have a rosy blush to the skin, but this is usually just a variety trait and not necessarily an indication of quality. A good indicator of maturity is a well-defined cleft in the shape of the peach. Avoid those with any hint of green as they will never fully ripen.
Peaches need humidity, so refrigerate in a plastic bag and use within two days.

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