Winter Winners 
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It’s The Year of the Blueberry
Bowl Meals to Bowl You Over
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Recipe of the Week | Pho Ga
The Macro Benefits of Microgreens
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Tom Yum Goong Soup
The SOHFIT Quinoa and Avocado Salad
Holiday Hosting Essentials
Strawberry: The Winter Wonder
Seasonal Sweet Treats
Christmas at The Claus’
Smoky 3 Cheese Fondue with Holiday Nibbles
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Strawberries – but not as you know them
Buon Appetito! How to throw an unforgettable Italian dinner party
The Unsung Heroes of the Italian Kitchen
Strawberry tart with whipped goat cheese & aged balsamic (Gluten-free)
Spiced Christmas Cookies
Around Italy in Five Plates
The God of All Garnishes
Celebrating the Regional
Buon Appetito! With love, from Nonna’s kitchen
Burrata Cheesecake
Butternut Squash Tacos with Chipotle Black Beans – Vegan (Entertaining)
Rosemary & Citrus Braised Cornfed Chicken (Entertaining)
The Main Affair
Date & Ragi Shortbread (Eggless)
Saffron and Besan Ladoo Baked Cheesecake (Festive Special)
Swasti Aggarwal, Foodhall’s Culinary Strategist
Aabhas Mehrotra, Head Chef, Sorrentina
Supreet Ghai, Foodhall’s Executive Chef
Benoit Vidal, Foodhall’s Corporate Chef
Italia on My Plate
Fire & Ice
Just Your Cup of Tea
Clean Eating
Peanut Butter Acai Smoothie Bowl
Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse of Good Health
Why Ayurveda?
Crystal Clear – Why you need this range of glassware in your life
Almond & Date Modak (Gluten-free)
Feasting without Fretting
Arqa Ayurveda – A Return to Balance