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Xoco57 Festive Celebrations Gift Box New

7 Items Inside

Rs. 2,200

Celebrate sweet moments with this customisable festive tray by Xoco57. Choose from a wide selection of handcrafted rochers, truffles, bonbons, mendiants, pralines, and barks. Perfect for festive occasions.

Due to the current demand, hamper components may be subject to substitution. In the event an item is unavailable, our service team will contact you to suggest a suitable replacement

  • Lime & Coconut Truffles (5pc)
  • Mocha Truffles (5pc)
  • Dark Chocolate Mendiants (7pc)
  • Milk Chocolate Mendiants (7pc)
  • Sandroses
  • White Cranberry Bark
  • Dark Chocolate Candied Orange Bark
  • Xoco57 Festive Tray

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